Entering a Swag Code using the New Homepage

To enter your Swag Code please look at the following pictures.  The first will show you where to enter the Swag Code from the homepage on your computer.
Hover over the unlock button and click it.

The drop down will open and you can either type or ctrl + V  (paste) to enter the code.

If you are on a phone, please navigate to your ledger by hovering over your picture and click  My Swag Bucks in the drop down.

This is your account summary page.  On the left side bottom, there is a gimme box.  We suggest you bookmark this page on your phone for future Swag Codes.


3 thoughts on “Entering a Swag Code using the New Homepage

  1. Thank you! I was having trouble getting it to work on my phone.

  2. After hunting around, with only 4 minutes til it expired I found the spot to get the Bucks. Thanks. A bit tricky but got it.

  3. Thanks! That was driving me crazy!

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