9 thoughts on “Swag Code #2 February 26 2013

  1. TwoMoreBuxXXXX will not work. You say above 46 more min but on the right it says no active codes.
    what gives???

  2. The code is not right

  3. FYI, the code that they are displaying is partially right, with Xs covering up the rest. Click where it says to click, and they’ll show you how to get the whole code.

  4. Why did you fix something that wasn’t broken dumb

  5. i cannot find the swidgetcodes very hard

  6. The place where it says “Instructions: CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR CODE! ENTER IT AT SWAGBUCKS.COM”

    You should.. click there.

  7. I did click there. The instructions are great, but where the heck IS the swidget????

  8. I’ve got the code but I can’t find the code box anymore. What happened to it, since the website was changed?!

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