Swag Code is not working #Help


Many of you have been having issues entering the Swag Codes so here are some tips on getting them to work every time as long as they are ACTIVE.


1. Read the instructions – Everyone please just re-read the instructions, often the codes are unique, meaning that you have to go to the location and get your own dynamic code. More info here: http://sbcodez.com/guide/unique-code-help/

2. Watch the spaces before and after the swag code when copying and pasting it into the gimme box on swagbucks.

3. Make sure you have not already entered the swag code by mistake and you simply have not noticed that it has credited you. Checking your ledger will tell you this. :) – Ledger can be found here – http://www.swagbucks.com/account/summary

4. Look at the expiration time we have posted. If it’s expired it’s not going to work. (Times are posted in PST)

5. The Swag Codes are case sensitive so you have to make sure you are copying and pasting correctly.

6. The swidget does not work on Apple devices due to them not having flash.

- Now after you have done all these things feel free to ask us for additional help on facebook or on the chatbox found on site. :)

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4 thoughts on “Swag Code is not working #Help

  1. y these codes not worked in india??????

  2. Thanks4Giving code not working…it’s only 11:14 PST

  3. i want a swagbucks point…

  4. suck dick bitches

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