Unique Code Help

Redeeming Unique Codes
Step 1 – Go to SBCodez home page
Step 2 – Read the instructions on the post
Step 3 – Go to the location where the instructions tells you to go to usually it says CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR CODE ( click there )
Step 4 – It will take you to the location where the code is look for the code on that page there is an example of the code on the post usually marked like this ( UNIQUECODEXXXX ) when there is X's following the code that automatically means its a unique code.
Step 5 – Copy the code ( CTRL + C) )
Step 6 – Go to Swagbucks.com and enter it where it says ''Enter your swag code''
Step 7 – Press Gimmi
There can be 5 swag codes in one day, or there can be 1. It is totally random so we suggest you come to SBCodez.com as often as you can just to check if there has been a swag code..

Unique Swag Codes are codes that swag bucks releases to make it tricky for users to enter the code. Rather then being something like ( EXAMPLE : EnTerThiSC0De ) it will be something like this ( EnterThisCoded9djmvf ). As you can see the ending is different. This means that each code is only valid one time so you have to go to the location where the code is and get your own all the info/ instructions will be posted at sbcodez.com
The Swagbucks Blog – Updated several times a day, the blog is a frequent destination for Swag Code sleuths.
Swagbucks Toolbar – Bring Swagbucks.com with you as you surf the web, and find rewarding messages "From TSG".
Swagbucks Facebook – You don't get to 300,000 friends without releasing a few Swag Codes.
The Swagbucks Widget – Want to know whether a code is out? Discover the answer in the SB widget or "Swidget".
Swagbucks Twitter – 140 characters have never been this rewarding!
Swag Codes are occasionaly released in other areas but don't worry we'll find them and post them on our the homepage! SBCodez.com
Like always if your having any troubles ask in the chatbox

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  1. Thanks for all the good info and help! Whomever you are; you are too cool!

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