Methods of earning Swagbucks

Here are a few common methods for earning swagbucks, besides codes and searches.
Games <— Click here to earn from games. Pick a game (I play Crusher) and watch the ad. When you get to the game just let it run, no need to play.  You can leave it in the background, no need for it to be the active window.  Click Back to games or Back to game details. Do this 10x You can win 2 sb 5 times per day. This is a little tedious so many people just don't do it. If you want you can enter tournaments for the games but they require swagbucks to wager and you usually lose.   Special Offers <— Click here to earn from special offers. Pretty simple. Just do the free/ (paid -this is risky so probably not a good idea) from the different walls and try to follow the instructions. If you don't get credited you could try to click "Missing Swagbucks" or "Offer Status" and contact them. Trusted Surveys <—Click here for surveys. These are tricky. When you first start surveys they will ask a few questions. Make sure to select the answers that you think will get you qualified the most. When you get surveys in your dashboard, also select answers to get qualified. In the actual surveys, make sure to do the answers that will please the companies. This way, you won't get rejected and fail the survey. There are also profiles which are found right next to surveys at the top. These are fairly simple. SBTV <— Click here for Swagbucks tv. Swagbucks tv is a service where you watch videos and earn swagbucks. When you watch a video, the meter at the top right will go up. Once you watch ten videos, you will earn 3 swagbucks and the meter will reset. You can fill the meter 25 times per day for a total of 75 sb. Of course to do this you have to constantly sit at the computer and click on videos.
Good luck with the swagging!

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