RSS is our least used and least useful alerting method but people still do use it, the only disadvantage is you will receive updates on other random posts we make such as posts advertising these lovely alerting methods. Try out Facebook or Twitter if you do not like RSS.

For RSS FEED simply click the SUBSCRIBE BUTTON on the right side of the page or use this URL in your RSS READER. IE : Googler Reader there are also some apps on the ipod and iphone that have rss reading so you could try those out aswell.


Any questions ask in the Chatbox.


Notifications are a great way to stay updated on SBCodez news and swag code updates. We are very reliable and NEVER miss swag codes so if you are signed up with us you are signed up with the best. Make sure to sign up for more then one alerting method if you want to because the more alerting methods you have the better off you will be just in case. We highly recommend text message updates. EVEN WITH SWAG CODE NOTIFICATIONS WE RECOMMEND YOU STILL CHECK IN AT SBCODEZ.COM AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! 

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