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Text message notifications are by far the best alerting method we have at SBCodez.com. They are great because you can be anywhere, school, work and or home and you will recive a text message telling you to come to SBCodez to get your code. They are very reliable and we never miss a code so if you are good and can get to a computer in time you will never miss a code if you have text message notifications. The best part, THEY’RE FREE! Below are step by step instructions so you can get swag code text message alerts!


Step 1 – Get a Twitter account.  Click here to register if you do not have a twitter account. (Go to step 2 if you already have a Twitter account.)

Step 2 – You have to verify your phone with your Twitter account.    Click Here

Step 3 – Follow us.   Click here to follow us on Twitter

Step 4 – Click the icon in the upper right with the down arrow and a small person.

Step 5 – Click Turn on mobile notifications

You’re now done and will start receiving text messages to your phone from SwagCodez Alert.

If you want to stop twitter alerts go back to our page and similar to how you turned on the mobile notifications you can turn them off

If you are still unsure what to do CLICK HERE



Notifications are a great way to stay updated on SBCodez news and swag code updates. We are very reliable and NEVER miss swag codes so if you are signed up with us you are signed up with the best. Make sure to sign up for more then one alerting method if you want to because the more alerting methods you have the better off you will be just in case. We highly recommend text message updates. EVEN WITH SWAG CODE NOTIFICATIONS WE RECOMMEND YOU STILL CHECK IN AT SBCODEZ.COM AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!

8 thoughts on “Text Message Notifications

  1. This is perfect, thank you!

  2. I have used your text service for a while now, all was great. Now I keep getting messages every time i click on the link that it a virus and i need to clean my android……Why???

  3. If I choose to use text does that mean anyone can see my phone number if they access my twitter acc.?

  4. I would like to know the same question as this person.
    May 15, 2014
    3:14 am
    If I choose to use text does that mean anyone can see my phone number if they access my twitter acc.?

  5. does this charge us

  6. HA! It worked beautifully! Thanks for that :D

  7. standard text messaging charges from your mobile phone company will apply but Twitter and SBCodez do not charge anything

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