Large ChatBox – This is the same chat that is on the home page of SBCodez.com it is simply enlarged for a better chatting experience. You will also notice that the page loads faster, that is because everything else on the site has been striped off it and only the chatbox remains. For those of you who are banned from that chatbox refer to the contact page to request to be unbanned please wait 24-48 hours for a response usually we respond within hours.

Music Player - This is the SBCodez music player I have added some of my top songs, I know not everyone will like every song but give it a try i hope you find a few songs you like. Also if you want us to add some custom songs to the music player i can do that for you just email me at swagcodez@gmail.com or message me in the chatbox.

Mod Area – This place is only for MODERATORS.

Pop out ChatBox - If you would much rather use a larger chatbox, feel free to check out our large chatbox link by clicking here. An advantage of using the larger chatbox is that it will faster for those of you with slower computers because it only has a chatbox and everything else has been striped off the page.

FAQ – Simply some FAQ we get in the chatbox we suggest you take the time to read them some of the questions might help you better understand how we run.

Rules – This is the site/chatbox rules it is highly recommended that you read these before you chat so you do not get banned by breaking one of the rules.

SBLottery – Simply a little raffle you do a survey get an entry into the raffle and have a chance to win a $10 amazon gift card each day.

Privacy Policy – Just our privacy policy.


This section is just other random stuff that did not fit in any other categories. If you have any other ideas on things that you want to seen added to the site feel free to drop us a line at swagcodez@gmail.com or click on the contact tab on this site. We will try to get back to you within 24-48 hours. Some sections in the category may be password protected and only available for Admin's and moderators.


To see these pages scroll over where it says ''other'' on the tabs area.

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