Use Swidget Below To Get The Swag Code


Recently Swagbucks has been activating Unique Swag Codes in the Swidget.  We are going to show you step by step how easy it is to access this particular Swag Code.

In this screenshot, you see the arrow below points to Swag Codes, click that.
In this next screenshot you are going to click again where the arrow points.  In this case it says Check if there's a Swag Code, click that.
The following screenshot shows you the active Swag Code.
Copy the Swag Code & enter (paste) it in the Gimme box on Swagbucks Home page.
Its that easy.

5 thoughts on “Swidget

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  3. HOW do I get the Swidget? Thanks!

    • Yea,, wat xactly is a widget,, are we allowed to get 1,, or is it just a case of being on the widget page ,, and gettin a code,, Will some1 xplain

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