1. Regardless of the rules- If Admin or a Mod asks you to stop what you are doing then stop what you are doing. This is considered a warning.

2. Read and think BEFORE you speak. It makes us mad if you ask something that is already posted. Please do not use CAPS, it is considered yelling and rude. Also, If you ask as question, do not disappear from the chat. You need to wait around fora few minutes. Since you’re expecting people to take time away from their earning to help you, we expect you to have the courtesy to be available to give us more details of your situation or let us know that we answered your question.

3. No vulgar or rude comments. If it isn’t nice then don’t bother posting it in the first place. Rudeness, being pushy, etc will get you no where but with a nice long meeting with our Banhammer.

4. Do not flood/spam the Chatbox or you WILL be auto-banned. We like the enter key as it is our gateway to communication but please do not overly love it! Please do not come on to this chat just to use the smileys. No coding in chat other than staff!

5. You MAY NOT post any referral links, personal blogs or say “CLICK ME”. This means NO ADVERTISING in the chatbox of any kind. Please no emails or referral links in the url box.

6. DO NOT POST YOUR SWAGBUCKS referral link as this can get you banned from Swagbucks. DO NOT use your Swagbucks user name or email on this site. DO NOT post your exact Swagbucks amount either.

7. Your user name MAY NOT contain any form of “Click Me”, or contain any link that leads to objectionable content (such as pornography, nudity or anything else that is inappropriate).

8. Your user name MAY NOT be any longer than 15 Characters. If it is you will be asked to change it.

9. NO RICK ROLLING! You will be banned.

10. You MAY NOT mention any competitor sites. Automatic BAN!

11. No impersonating anyone else. Be sure to register your name by clicking profile at the bottom of the chatbox.

12. DO NOT change your name every day. You chose a name to use in chat- that is the name you are to use. You will get a chance to change it back to what it was, but we need to know who you are at all times to protect other members. Failing to follow this rule will result in a ban every time you enter the chatbox with a different name other than the one you normally use and we know you as.

13. Do not call any member by his/her real name unless it is their screen name. Or unless you have their consent. This rule is to be taken seriously and will result in a ban if you are caught invading their privacy.

14. No tinychats or xats.

15. Please check the site before asking if there is a new code.  All active codes are posted to the left of the chat. Please read and follow the instructions for each code posted. Thank you!

16. You want to be a helper/moderator, you say? Don’t ask us. We’ll ask you.

17. We’re not responsible for accidents, misunderstandings, or trouble you might get into while using our chat box.

We are here to talk about swagbucks and earnings. If you have questions about other sites feel free to ask we are happy to help you earn more. Our priority is and always will be swagbucks questions/concerns.

Asking unimportant questions during a chaotic code/tiime in the chatbox gets you automatic first warning. There is no second warning – You will be banned or ignored.

We do not have time nor patience to deal with outside stuff, use good judgement when asking questions.

We ask that you READ where the code is posted before coming to the chatbox and asking us for a code. It helps us stay less chaotic and you better understand the code this way. If you do have a valid questions, concern please feel free to ask. We are here to help.

We like suggestions on ways to improve the site and to make it user friendly.

However, we do NOT have to change it to suit your needs/wants. We have a system that makes things easier for us AND for you. Note: The duration of any ban is entirely up to the person who banned you. A ban could last anywhere from a few minutes to forever. If you are banned, please do not ask us to unban you without a real reason to do so. This can be done here.

If you have any questions or concerns with the rules or anything else, please feel free to ask a helper/moderator or the admin of this site.


Banning Times

Spamming – 7 days – Forever

Use of Bad Language – Warning Then 2 Day Ban

Inapropriate Name – Warning Then 1 Hour – 7 Day Ban

Inapropriate Link – Warning Then 1 Hour – 14 Day Ban

Advertising – Warning Then 7 day Ban

Impersonating Another Member – Warning Then 1 Hour – 2 Day Ban

You may also be banned if an admin or mod feels that you need a time out.