Terms of Service/Rules

Chatbox Rules: SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANYTIME (revised August 2015)

1. Regardless of the rules – If an Admin or Mod asks you to stop what you are doing then please stop what you are doing.

2. If you ask a question, please do not leave chat until you have received an answer.

3. Read and think BEFORE you speak. It makes us mad if you ask something that is already posted. Please do not use CAPS.

4. Please do not change your name once you have chosen one unless an Admin or Mod asks you to. Your username MAY NOT be any longer than 15 Characters. No impersonating any other members.

5. You MAY NOT mention any competitor sites. Automatic BAN!

6. NO SWAGBUCKS USERNAMES ALLOWED IN CHAT, DO NOT post your exact Swagbucks earnings.

7. NO ADVERTISING – You MAY NOT post ANY referral links or personal blogs.

8. Do not flood/spam the Chatbox or you WILL be auto-banned. Please do not overuse the smileys they make the chat lag.

9. No vulgar, rude or disrespectful comments. No coding in chat other than staff!

10. Please check the site before asking if there is a new code. All active codes are posted to the left of the chat. Please read and follow the instructions for each code posted. Thank you!

11. No links that lead to objectionable content (pornography, nudity or anything inappropriate). NO RICK ROLLING! You will be banned.