Notifications are a great way to stay
updated on SBCodez news and swag code updates. We are very reliable and
NEVER miss swag codes so if you are signed up with us you are signed up
with the best. Make sure to sign up for more then one alerting method if
you want to because the more alerting methods you have the better off you
will be just in case. We highly recommend text message updates. EVEN WITH

Twitter is a great alerting system because
you can sign up for text message alerting. This is the alerting system we
reccomend you use. Make sure to refer to the text message notification
section if you are interested. Below is a link leading you to our twitter
page. Click the Image

Facebook is another great alerting system
because honestly everyone has Facebook these days and a lot of people are
on all the time, so this is great because a swag code alert will come up
in your news feed. Its also great because you can comment and like the
post on Facebook. Below is a link to our Facebook fan page. Click the

RSS is our least used and least
useful alerting method but people still do use it, the only disadvantage
is you will receive updates on other random posts we make such as posts
advertising these lovely alerting methods. Click the image below to get
our RSS Feed link.

Text message notifications are by far the
best alerting method we have at They are great because you
can be anywhere, school, work and or home and you will recive a text
message telling you to come to SBCodez to get your code. They are very
reliable and we never miss a code so if you are good and can get to a
computer in time you will never miss a code if you have text message
notifications. The best part, THERE FREE! Below is a link that will show
you how to get text message notifications. Click the image